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From recording videos to showing up on Zoom – the Hey Mic! Bluetooth microphone is the simplest way to get high-quality audio on your computer or smartphone without cords or cables

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Recording my Video Blog Outside! For Teaching My Online Yoga Class! To Talk to My Remote Learning Students! For Capturing Our Wedding Vows! To Record My eLearning Courses! For Recording My Toastmasters Speech! When I Interview Paddle Boarders! To Teach Virtual Exercise Classes! For Virtual Home Tours! When I Create Training Videos! To Record Sales Videos For Big Trucks! For Golf Instruction Tutorials! In My YouTube Cooking Show! For Creating Marketing Videos! Recording Sermons!

How will YOU Hey Mic?!

The Original Bluetooth Microphone for Smartphone Videos

You want to create amazing content for your audience and customers, but you don’t want to hire a video crew or mess with complicated, expensive equipment. Or maybe you’re simply trying to get some distance from your smartphone or computer without sounding like you’re in outer space. 

We hear you loud and clear! …pun intended…

Hey Mic! was invented by content creators for content creators, video bloggers, entrepreneurs, and anyone that wants to have high-quality audio on their smartphone or computer without hauling around a bunch of gear or needing to get an engineering degree. (disclaimer: no engineers were injured in the creation of this website!)

Happy Hey Mic'ers All Over the World

J Jackson
Support for Hearing Impaired
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I used this to enhance an app for my dad who is deaf - he has an app on his phone that picks up what a person is saying and relays it visually on his phone - this mic allows him to easily pick up what people are saying a good 20 feet away - excellent product.
K Bailey
Making Facebook Videos
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I have used the Mic to make many videos for my Facebook group @theboybaileyspeaks and love the quality of the audio. We all know that the sound is a vital element of video making so I have gone from using my basic mic to this and the difference is night & day.
Simplified My Recording
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I also use it a lot for commentaries on videos that I do on my PC for work, as it works with the mic app, again I have spent over £500 on portable microphones, now Hey Mic and my iPhone does it all. This device is worth every penny and makes videoing and recording so easy.
Steve Hinds
Great for Videos in a Noisy Gym
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Perfect for my basic needs as a PT making coaching videos in a loud gym.
JJ Spartan
Lucky Find for Video Recording
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I had a very specific set of requirements for a series of videos that I was producing, and none of the existing tech I could find would do the job. I stumbled upon Hey Mic! during a google search and decided to take a chance on it. It's a fantastic little product and does exactly what I need it to do.
William E
Corporate Video Solution
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It works as advertised and is the best Bluetooth microphone I've found for iPhone/iPad. iPhones and iPads are great for corporate and other video but the audio quality has always been an issue. This seems to be the best solution for one person, high quality videos.
Joie Cameron-Brown
Hands-Free, Wire-Free
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We have been using the Hey Mic for several videos now. LOVE this bluetooth device. It does exactly what it says it will do and leaves us hands/wire free to move around during the filming.
Jake Wilson
Recording a Presentation on iPad
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I used it to record a presentation to 30 people. My ipad was in the back of the room and I clipped this to my shirt. It worked great. thank you
John C
Audio Recordings for Members
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We are using this to record the audio portions of Speakers presentations to our service club, it is working great as a lapel microphone and the sound is perfect for our Podcasts for our members that cannot make the meetings.
Stuart Murray
100ft Recording
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You have to be KIDDING me!!! Within 5 minutes of taking this out the box, it’s working like a dream! I cannot believe the sound test on this worked so well at 100 feet! The product itself and package is SUPERB! I love the little zip up pack it comes in and what surprised me the most is how SMALL it is!
iPhone Videos with Clear Audio
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Clear audio and no wires! I take a lot of video on my iPhone 7, and the Hey Mic! I can get clear audio regardless of the distance or ambient noise levels. It's dead simple to set up and it just works.
Lesley Hunter
Versatile Product
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Brilliant! The most versatile product I have ever used - excellent quality audio and do portable - my HeyMic will go everywhere with me from now on!
Sean C
Discreet for Recording a Sermon
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The mic seems well made and clips discretely anywhere needed and the battery lasts a fair time. It's a perfect solution that allows me to record a sermon or lecture
Recording Training
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This little mic did the job! Easy to use (though do watch the 4 min video on how to...) Sounds good, make sure it's not rubbing against anything. I've been looking for a Bluetooth mic for my speaking and training and this does the job! 🙂

There's a Lot to Love About Our Little Hey Mic!

Lightweight and Portable

Tuck it into a pocket or toss it in your bag - it's tiny and comes with a protective case. No bulky mic packs and spare batteries needed!

No Expensive Equipment to Buy

For everyday recording, all you need is a Hey Mic! and your phone (or computer).

Hands-Free Bluetooth

Hey Mic! works up to 65' feet away from your phone or computer and has incredible noise reduction to minimize all that background chatter

Get Some Distance (or Not)

Hey Mic! works up to 65' feet away from your phone or computer and has incredible noise reduction to minimize all that background chatter

Mac and PC Compatible

Got a computer with Bluetooth? Hey Mic! works with pretty much every app including Zoom, talk-to-type and so much more.

Works with iPhone and Android

Hey Mic! works with any app that supports a Bluetooth microphone such as Filmic Pro (for video), Voice Memos (for audio notes), Notes (for transcription) and many others.

It's So Easy That Even <Insert Name of Tech-Challenged Person > Can Do It!

How to Use Hey Mic! in 3 Easy Steps







A Few of the Devices and Apps That Happily Hey Mic!

Hey Mic! works with any device and app that supports a Bluetooth microphone. A few of our customer favorites are listed here. Flip the cards below for more details.

Apple iPhone/iPad

(Select Apps)
All modern Apple iPhones and iPads support Bluetooth however, Hey Mic! is dependent on each individual app to support them as well. Therefore, Hey Mic! usage varies by application.​

Apple Mac/Macbook

All modern Apple computers support Bluetooth. Hey Mic! is happily treated like any other microphone and works with all applications.

Windows PC

All modern PCs running Windows support Bluetooth microphones. Hey Mic! is recognized like any other microphone and works with all applications.
android logo

Android Devices

(Select Apps)
All modern Android smartphones support Bluetooth however, Hey Mic! is dependent on each individual app to support them as well. Therefore, Hey Mic! usage varies by application.

Filmic Pro

Video Recording on iOS and Android
Pro-quality, feature-rich video recording on iOS (iPhones, iPads) and Android.


Video Recording on iOS
All modern Android smartphones support Bluetooth however, Hey Mic! is dependent on each individual app to support them as well. Therefore, Hey Mic! usage varies by application.
zoom logo


Video Conferencing
Use your Hey Mic! on Zoom meetings and webinars on your computer.
NOTE: When using the smartphone app you must connect headphones or earbuds to Hey Mic to hear other participants.


Live Transcription & Closed Captions
A premier app for the deaf and hearing impaired community for communicating anywhere, anytime.
FB live

Facebook Live

Live Social Videos (on Mac/PC Only)
Use your Hey Mic! for Facebook Live on your computer.
NOTE: the Facebook smartphone app does NOT support a Bluetooth microphone.​

YouTube Live

Streaming Videos on YouTube
Deliver real-time awesomeness on this platform with Hey Mic!​

Voice Memos

Audio Recording on iOS
The standard voice recording app on iOS devices.​


Dictation on Notes App
The standard notes app on iOS devices works great for voice dictation.​

Take Your Audio and Video Content to the Next Level!

You don’t need a bunch of equipment to grow your audience and increase your sales with video content and great presentations. You don’t need all kinds of different mics to record audio messages or to transcribe.  

You simply need to have a message  and a way to share it. 

Hey Mic! gives you the ability to get high-quality audio to go along with your amazing videos and virtual presentations plus so much more. Are you ready to take your videos and content to the next level?

Hey Mic!

We know that many content creators, educators, and entrepreneurs are struggling due the impact of COVID-19. To help our community, we’re offering Hey Mic! at 30% off during these challenging times. No coupon code needed. Stay safe and keep creating! 

Regular Price: $160 USD

Special Offer Price: $112 USD

(plus tax & shipping)

Still Got Questions? This Should Do It!

In Case You're Wondering

We have distribution centers in the US, UK, and Australia. If you are in one of these locations we can usually get you your Hey Mic! in less than a week. If you live farther from our distribution centers (Hello South America!) or in a country with an enthusiastic customs process (That’s you, Canada!), please allow a couple weeks. If you have an urgent deadline, contact support@loveheymic.com and we’ll do our best to help.

We ship everywhere! By leveraging Amazon distribution, we’ll make sure you Hey Mic! reaches you safe and sound. Depending on your location, you might be charged duty when it lands in your country and delivery times will vary by destination. We are currently shipping from the US and UK. If you are in these countries, your Hey Mic! will arrive in days. Other locations can take upwards of two weeks or even more in some countries. 

With many schools, gyms, and organizations looking to provide Hey Mic!s to all their people, we get this asked A LOT! We gladly tell them YES, we do provide discounts for bulk purchases starting at 20 mics.

Your purchase comes with the Hey Mic! (of course!), a zippered, protective carry case, a self-adhesive magnet backing in case you don’t want to use the integrated clip, a micro-usb charging cable, and a handy little instruction guide. Everything fits into the protective carry case making it easy to stay organized and to keep your Hey Mic! safe and ready for action.

Julie Holmes is the inventor of Hey Mic! and several other cool products and apps. She created the first Hey Mic! prototype because, as a speaker, she wanted to record her presentation and reuse that content for social media, training, and more. When her friend and fellow entrepreneur, Steve Clarke, saw what she’d created he joined in and together they brought Hey Mic! to the world in 2017.

That’s easy! Visit our YouTube channel (insert link here) or just do a search on YouTube for “Hey Mic” – our customers love to share their hard work.

We sure wish we could help! Unfortunately, as soon as Hey Mic! is connected to your mobile phone, it takes over the Bluetooth and stops the hearing aids from working. They can’t be used together.

We are confident that you’ll love Hey Mic! but just in case you don’t, you have 30 days to return it to us for a full refund (less shipping). Just drop us a note first at office@loveheymic.com so we know it’s coming and can hopefully fix whatever issue your experiencing. There is also a 1 year manufacturers warranty against defects. In short, we’ll help you get sorted out and make sure you’re happy.

Sadly, no, you can’t connect 2 at the same time. It is a limitation of the mobile phone – they will only support one Bluetooth device at a time for input. Julie has used hers to do an interview and it does a pretty good job of capturing 2 person audio when placed between them. You can see an example HERE.

Probably! We do like affiliates as they help us to get the word out. Drop us a note if you think Hey Mic! would be a good fit for your audience and we can chat about it – info@loveheymic.com.

Tech Specs

If You've Read This Far, Just Buy One!

We get it. Sometimes it can be hard to make a decision. But, we created Hey Mic! and take our product seriously (even though we make jokes sometimes). We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and exceptional support so there really is NO RISK.

You want to be able to get more than a foot away from your phone or computer without having to wrestle 75 feet of mic cables? Hey Mic! is the answer!

If you still have a question that isn’t answered above you can drop us a note at support@loveheymic.com. 

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer SOON!

All the best,

Julie Holmes – Hey Mic! Inventor