How to Make a Great Video: Part 1

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While we’re all about fab audio, we know there’s so much more that goes into making a great video! So here are the first of a few tips to help you make sure you get the best footage you can, from working out what you want to say, to the final editing.

Your Key Message

Sometimes, as soon as that ‘record’ button is pushed, we can go into stress, usually excited stress, but stress nonetheless. What this does is limit access to our immediate memory so what we thought we knew inside out two minutes ago has now turned into inaudible mush and all but disappeared!

The only way to truly master this is to be prepared and KNOW YOUR STUFF! We live by the law of the 12 Ps: Prior Preparation, Prioritisation, Planning and Practice Prevent P!$$ Poor Performance and Promote Professional Presentations!

Keep practicing what you want to say (unless it’s a spontaneous filming) and how you are saying it so you don’t look like you’re searching for words when you come on to camera.

Remember that people will choose whether or not to continue to look at a video within the first five seconds so make sure your opening grabs their attention.

How do you still appear natural and have some aide memoirs to hand that will trigger that memory? If you want to record direct to camera and the order, content and accuracy of what you are saying is important, then you might want to invest in a teleprompter/autocue.

If you just want a reminder that’s within view, then write 3 key points clearly on a light coloured Post-t note and stick it above your phone (not underneath, else you’ll end up looking down).

If you are filming and don’t have an audience, you could put your key notes on a piece of A1 size or flipchart paper.

Ready for Part 2? See it here!

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