How to Make a Great Video: Part 2

Video blog tip 2

It’s essential to minimize background noise when filming. Hey Mic! is great at this but we thought we’d give you some further tips to help, because we’re nice like that.

Some tips may be familiar but we make no apologies as missing out one or two could make the difference to the audio quality of your video.

1: Make sure you put your phone on do not disturb

2:Turn off fans, air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, TVs, radios etc. Also make sure that you can’t hear the lawn mowers or other machinery in the background.

3: If filming at home, make sure it’s not on a day when your rubbish is being collected and take away squeaky toys from the dog (yep, we learned these lessons the hard way!)

4: Close all windows and doors

5: Be aware if it’s a windy day – can you hear the breeze?

6: Find a legally acceptable way to silence small children 

7: If your venue is on a busy stretch of road, close your eyes and listen – if you can hear the traffic, make sure you are using Hey Mic! so that your listeners won’t hear any background noise!

8: Be aware of other people speaking in the background, this is especially important if you are filming testimonials after a presentation. Find a quiet spot and use Hey Mic! to help capture the speaker clearly even in crowded environments.

Did we miss any? Let us know!

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