How to Make A Great Video: Part 3

Video blog tip 3

Get The Lighting Right

Lighting can make or break your video and it’s not all obvious. This is particularly true of smartphones as they have smaller image sensors and lenses.

You’re looking for the Goldilocks light – not too much and not too little – just right!
Standing in front of the light turns you into a silhouette.

Beware of reflections too from windows and from spectacles.

You want to be supported by light so make sure that the light is facing you, framing you and not the other way around.

Check the lighting beforehand if you are filming at a venue and test with curtains/blinds open and closed to see what’s best.

Also consider:
• The ‘steadiness’ of the light – if for example you are using natural light and the sunshine is quite intermittent, this will impact the light consistency
• Don’t point your camera directly at any light source as it will overexpose as well as causing silhouette.

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