How to Make a Great Video: Part 4

Video blog tip 4

Hey Mic! Top Tip No.4: Logistics Checklist

Pilots don’t use checklists occasionally, they use them before every single flight to minimise the risk of things going wrong. You should be doing the same! So here’s a handy checklist you can use before every time you film:

1. Is your phone completely level? You might want to buy a tripod with a spirit level built in, as just a slight angle dip that often we can’t see when looking at the camera, shows up in film.
2. Make sure your phone has enough memory for what you are videoing. Check beforehand and remove files if necessary because HD video can be memory-hungry
3. When was the last time you cleaned the lens on your smartphone? Make sure that you wipe it with a lens cloth directly before recording
4. Treat your smartphone like any good camera and keep it in a good quality case to avoid dust and dirt
5. Will you be using props? Add them to your checklist
6. Double and triple check ALL cables that you’ll need. Missing just one might be that vital one. Know how many you have so that you can check them back in to your cable bag
7. Label all your cables and gear – you can use the inventory as a checklist for the future and it will help you get your stuff back if it accidentally gets left behind
8. Get to your venue early so you can setup video and test it (make sure you have contacted the room organizer in advance to ensure it’s available)
9. If you are alone and presenting to an audience, assign someone in the audience to assist you. People like to help if it isn’t too much trouble. They could hit record for you or you could ask them to periodically check that everything is still running OK.

What’s on your checklist? Let us know! 

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