How to Make a Great Video: Part 5

video blog tip 5

Recording (Part 1): You only get one chance

Following on from our previous posts about video preparation, we thought we’d share with you some top tips to get the most out of your recording.

Whatever it is you are choosing to record, that particular time may never happen again (unless you are at home when you can re-record to your heart’s desire!), so you want to set yourself up for success from the outset. Here are three tips for pre-record preparation and during recording:

1. Make sure you set up your field of vision wide enough for your moving around to ensure you don’t walk off screen throughout the recording and be filming empty space
2. Close down all apps on your phone and turn it on to airplane-mode before you start. You don’t want to be getting calls and text messages during filming!
3. Digital zoom doesn’t work too well on smartphones, you end up with pixilation, so if someone is filming you, ask them to move in closer if you want close-up shots rather than trying to zoom. Better still, have two phones placed in different spots for filming, one close to you and the other further away.

Do you have any other advice? Share the wealth! Next time, we will be talking about the best way to position your phone, testing, time and much more.

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