How to Make a Great Video: Part 6

Video blog tip 6

Recording (Part 2): You only get one chance.

So far we’ve covered space, zoom and apps… so here are a few more top tips to help you when recording using your Hey Mic!

1. Always set your phone to record horizontally (landscape) so that videos played back on other devices and screens will look OK. If you record vertically (portrait) you’ll end up with 2 black bands either side of your footage – YUCK!
2. Test a few times before until you feel it’s the best it can be
3. Leave time either side of your recording to get yourself in place and settled, you’ll be trimming this afterwards and don’t want to be caught having no space and footage of you turning the camera on or running up to your film spot
4. Bring your portable charger and use a bag to hang it on your tripod to make sure you don’t lose battery (or footage!)
5. Make sure any jewelry doesn’t interfere with your Hey Mic! We have seen this mistake many times before with speakers and often they aren’t aware that this is causing interference in the audio.

We hope you enjoyed our tips and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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