How to Make a Great Video: Part 7

video blog tip 7

Our final Top Tip is all about editing.

Are you looking for out of this world, or settling for good enough?

The difference between good video and great video could lie in you taking that extra time taken to edit the footage.

Be careful, though, about going down the perfectionist rabbit hole as you want to get your message out there in a timely manner.

As iPhone users, we love Videorama from Apperto. It’s easy to use and has some great features:

1. Cut, trim, scale, and combine photos and videos together to create movies and slideshows. The image overlay function is great for adding your logo and copyright information
2. Overlay and animate text – add animated captions and subtitles to your videos with more than 50 fonts to choose from
3. Add music and sound effects – enrich your videos using cinematic tracks included in the app or use music from your iTunes library
4. Apply Hollywood-style video effects (if it’s your thing!) – explosions, tornadoes, magic spells, romantic rose petals, rain… you are only limited by your imagination

I hope our little series has helped – let us know if you have any other tips!

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