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The Bluetooth microphone and app for your smartphone to get great audio on your videos when you’re on the go. A revolution in audio and video recording There’s a universal truth to video; even the most impressive video in the world amounts to nothing if the audio is terrible. That’s where our revolutionary Hey Mic! comes in.

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A revolution in audio and video recording

There’s a universal truth to video; even the most impressive video in the world amounts to nothing if the audio is terrible. That’s where our revolutionary Hey Mic! comes in.

It’s a pocket-sized Bluetooth microphone and video app transforming you into a one-person AV production team! This indispensable device and app for smartphone video produce crystal clear audio and video recording. It’s so easy to operate, Hey Mic! will become second nature to you in no time.

For iPhones and Android

Your standard phone video apps won’t work with Bluetooth microphones so we developed our own app for iPhones (available for download on the App Store). For Android, Hey Mic! also works but you’ll need to take advantage of a 3rd party app like Cinema FV-5 as we don’t have an Android app.

You can also use Hey Mic! with other Bluetooth enabled devices like your PC or Mac.

Versatile technology for your smartphone

The applications for this lapel Bluetooth microphone and smartphone video app are limitless.

Whether you’re a small business owner flirting with video marketing to boost revenues or you’re a teacher or trainer recording presentations and lectures for repackaging, Hey Mic! is the answer. Our wireless lapel microphone and smartphone video app take a device you already own and maximizes its video recording capabilities.

Want to polish your sales presentations? Hey Mic! lets you use your smartphone to sharpen those skills. Perhaps you’re a YouTube blogger trying to grow a following on a budget? Hey Mic! delivers professional audio and video, sparing you the investment in costly video gear that’s also a headache to learn.

Hey Mic! is designed to get you set up in seconds for quick, superior audio and video recordings.

Sleek design, intuitive app

Ditch that hopeless tangle of audio cables and wires. The non-slip lapel clip fixes our Bluetooth wireless microphone to your clothing. Hey Mic! pairs with our intuitive video app, allowing you to adjust video settings like white balance and focus for the best quality image.

Video is an indispensable tool for increasing sales or building an online following. Hey Mic! helps you accomplish your goals inexpensively and efficiently using a device that’s already in your pocket!

Order Hey Mic! today for a wireless Bluetooth microphone and smartphone video app that puts the power of an expert AV team in your pocket!

Technical Details

  • Bluetooth: CSR 4.0
  • RF Frequency Range: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz
  • Operating Distance: 20m/65ft (free space)
  • Battery Capacity: 100mA
  • Usage Time: Up to 6 Hours
  • S/N Ratio: >95dB
  • Operating Environment: -10 to +50 Degrees Celsius
  • Weight: 10g

Technical specifications are subject to change for the better without notice as we are always trying to improve Hey Mic!

Customer Reviews

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A note from the inventor...

I created the very first prototype of Hey Mic! for my own use. As a Director of Product Marketing, I was often giving presentations at trade shows and wanted to capture the content for review and reuse. A few days in my workshop and POOF, the neanderthal ancestor of Hey Mic! was created. I used that bit of tech for a couple years before a friend suggested that I should make more and sell them - that was my buddy, Steve Clarke, and we agreed to take Hey Mic! to market together (and did it in 90 days!).

Today, Hey Mic!s are being used in dozens of countries for video bloggers, speakers, trainers, coaches, schools and for accessibility (closed captioning). Whether you are capturing video on your phone, recording audio, getting real time transcription or closed captioning - I'm so pleased that you're considering Hey Mic!.

We are THRILLED and PROUD of this little Bluetooth microphone and hope you'll love it as much as we do!

We're all in this together...

In these difficult times we know that many are struggling to connect remotely to their students, clients, family and more. Hey Mic! can help!


To help, we are offering HEY MIC! at 50% OFF during this crisis. No coupon code is needed.


We encourage all our fellow businesses to help others in any way you can.


Julie & Steve ... Hey Mic! Founders