More Teaching,
Less Tech'ing

If you have remote students or need to record your lessons – Hey Mic! is for you!

The Hey Mic! Bluetooth microphone is the hassle-free way to get crystal clear audio to your remote students using just your smartphone or computer.

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Schools of All Shapes and Sizes Love Hey Mic!

Your Students Will Hear You Loud and Clear

Does your standard headset or wired mic leave you feeling shackled to the two-foot radius around your computer screen? Or maybe you are just trying to get by SHOUTING to your students.  

Teachers tell us that they’re at their best when they’re free to move around without getting tangled up on wires, so they can focus on their students instead of their hardware.

We hear you LOUD and CLEAR! (pun intended)

Hey Mic! was invented by a former university instructor for teachers, trainers, and content creators (that includes you!) who need to communicate through video with high-quality audio minus the complicated equipment. Now you can keep your students engaged in your virtual classroom while using a whiteboard, running science experiments, or doing anything that requires you to step away from your screen!

Sure, classrooms – especially hybrid environments – can have a lot going on but Hey Mic! is here to help! Don’t let your students miss out on valuable learning just because they can’t hear you clearly!

Check out this extreme example video!

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It's So Easy That Even <Insert Name of Tech-Challenged Person> Can Do It!

School-Ready in 3 Easy Steps



Pair your Hey Mic! with any device or app that supports a Bluetooth microphone.



Attach Hey Mic! to your clothes with the clip or use the optional magnet.



Start sharing your lessons with students in their virtual classroom!

A Small Mic with Big Capabilities!

Lightweight and Portable

Tuck it into a pocket or toss it in your bag - it's tiny and comes with a protective case. No bulky mic packs or spare batteries needed!

No Expensive Equipment to Buy

For everyday recording and delivery, all you need is a Hey Mic! and your phone, tablet or computer.

Hands-Free Bluetooth

You don't have to be a tech wizard to use this friendly little mic. With Bluetooth, all you have to do is PAIR and you're ready to go.

Get Some Distance (or Not)

Hey Mic! works up to 65' feet away from your phone or computer and has incredible noise reduction to minimize all that background chatter plus you can still be heard even when you turn around to write on a board or answer a student's question.

Mac and PC Compatible

Got a computer with Bluetooth? Hey Mic! works with pretty much every app including Zoom, Google Classroom, Skype, talk-to-type, and so much more.

Works with iPhone and Android (Phone and Tablets)

Hey Mic! works with any app that supports a Bluetooth microphone including virtual classroom applications, remote meeting platforms, video messaging apps, and beyond.

The LOVE YOUR HEY MIC! Guarantee

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A Few of the Devices and Apps That Happily Hey Mic!

Hey Mic! works with any device and app that supports a Bluetooth microphone. A few of our customer favorites are listed here. Flip the cards below for more details.

Apple iPhone/iPad

(Select Apps)
All modern Apple iPhones and iPads support Bluetooth however, Hey Mic! is dependent on each individual app to support them as well. Therefore, Hey Mic! usage varies by application.​

Apple Mac/Macbook

All modern Apple computers support Bluetooth. Hey Mic! is happily treated like any other microphone and works with all applications.

Windows PC

All modern PCs running Windows support Bluetooth microphones. Hey Mic! is recognized like any other microphone and works with all applications.
android logo

Android Devices

(Select Apps)
All modern Android smartphones support Bluetooth however, Hey Mic! is dependent on each individual app to support them as well. Therefore, Hey Mic! usage varies by application.
zoom logo


Video Conferencing
Use your Hey Mic! on Zoom meetings and webinars on your computer.
NOTE: When using the smartphone app you must connect headphones or earbuds to Hey Mic to hear other participants.


Video and Audio Communication
Deliver real-time awesomeness on this platform with Hey Mic!​

Google Meet

Video and Audio Communication
Use your Hey Mic! for Google Meets to connect with your students.


Live Transcription & Closed Captions
A premier app for the deaf and hearing impaired community for communicating anywhere, anytime.

Filmic Pro

Video Recording on iOS and Android
Pro-quality, feature-rich video recording on iOS (iPhones, iPads) and Android.


Video Recording on iOS
All modern Android smartphones support Bluetooth however, Hey Mic! is dependent on each individual app to support them as well. Therefore, Hey Mic! usage varies by application.

Voice Memos

Audio Recording on iOS
The standard voice recording app on iOS devices.​


Dictation on Notes App
The standard notes app on iOS devices works great for voice dictation.​

Helping You and Your Students to Connect

(especially now, when they need you more than ever!)

You don’t need a bunch of equipment or 1000s of dollars of gear to support your virtual students (pretty sure your school didn’t budget a fortune for the pandemic). 

All your students really need is to see you and HEAR you. And all you need is an easy way to make that happen for them. 

Hey Mic! gives you the ability to get high-quality audio to go along with your amazing teaching. 

Hey Mic!

We know that many educators and schools are struggling due the impact of COVID-19. To help our community, we’re offering Hey Mic! at 50% off during these challenging times. Bulk pricing is also available for schools and districts. 

Regular Price: $160 USD

Special Offer Price: $112 USD

(plus tax & shipping)

Still Got Questions? This Should Do It!

In Case You're Wondering

We have distribution centers in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. If you are in one of these locations we can usually get you your Hey Mic! in just a few days (even for bulk orders). If you have an urgent deadline, contact support@loveheymic.com and we’ll do our best to help.

We ship everywhere! By leveraging Amazon and our own distribution centers, we’ll make sure your Hey Mic! reaches you safe and sound. Depending on your location, you might be charged duty when it lands in your country and delivery times will vary by destination. 

With many universities, districts, and schools looking to provide Hey Mic!s to all their people, we get this asked A LOT! We gladly tell them YES, we do provide discounts for bulk purchases starting at 50 mics.

Your purchase comes with the Hey Mic! (of course!), a zippered, protective carry case, a self-adhesive magnet backing in case you don’t want to use the integrated clip, a micro-usb charging cable, and a handy little instruction guide. Everything fits into the protective carry case making it easy to stay organized and to keep your Hey Mic! safe and ready for action.

Julie Holmes is the inventor of Hey Mic! and several other cool products and apps. A former teacher herself (hello, University of Nebraska at Omaha!), she created the first Hey Mic! prototype because she wanted to record her presentations and reuse that content. When her friend and fellow entrepreneur, Steve Clarke, saw what she’d created he joined in and together they brought Hey Mic! to the world in 2017. Today, it’s being clipped on collars in over 50 countries.

That’s easy! Visit our YouTube channel (insert link here) or just do a search on YouTube for “Hey Mic” – our customers love to share their hard work.

We are confident that you’ll love Hey Mic! but just in case you don’t, you have 30 days to return it to us for a full refund (less shipping). Just drop us a note first at office@loveheymic.com so we know it’s coming and can hopefully fix whatever issue your experiencing. There is also a 1 year manufacturers warranty against defects. In short, we’ll help you get sorted out and make sure you’re happy.

Tech Specs

If You've Read This Far, Just Buy One!

We get it. Sometimes it can be hard to make a decision. But, we created Hey Mic! and take our product seriously (even though we make jokes sometimes). We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and exceptional support so there really is NO RISK.

You want to be able to get more than a foot away from your phone or computer without having to wrestle 75 feet of mic cables? Hey Mic! is the answer!

If you still have a question that isn’t answered above you can drop us a note at support@loveheymic.com. 

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer SOON!

All the best,

Julie Holmes – Hey Mic! Inventor & Co-Founder
Steve Clarke – Hey Mic! Co-Founder